Immaj Holdings is a private entity registered under companies Ordinance 1984 and with Securities & Exchange Commission Pakistan. Immaj presently remains a separate entity although alliances have been formed for project ventures.

Intercan Pvt Limited

Intercan Pvt Limited is primarily a manufacturing concern specializing in packaging products. The company initially focused on metal containers (Electrolytic Tin Plate) and with the passage of time has included more feathers in its cap by diversifying in other packaging products.
Intercan is a known brand in Pakistan with respect to its industry and has been providing consultancy to its clients with regards to their packaging needs.For more information, please visit

CADCAM Consulting

CADCAM Consulting is a separate entity devised during the advent of graphic designing. This scope of work was important to the concept of screen-printing initially but then gradually with technological developments CADCAM has been involved in a number of hi-end graphics creations standalone and with the support of other teams.

Xceed Clinical

Xceed Clinical is a unique medical research organization with a collaborative network of physicians.
The firm has been engaged in performing Clinical Trials as a CRO (Contract Research Organization) for various renowned pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Purdue Pharma & Shire Pharmaceuticals etc.
Though Operations are based in North America, the firm’s leader MD Sohail Khattak is a traveller and visits Europe and Asia on a routine basis.

For more information, please visit