With links to advanced medical research in today’s world, Immaj has engaged in multiple ventures involving medical equipment, pharma medicine, clinical research and DNA genome data collection through strategic alliances formed abroad.

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    Contract Research Organization – CRO

    Immaj is fully equipped to perform as a CRO for medicinal and/or equipment purposes, following strict FDA regulations apart from local Drug Regulations. Immaj has come to realize that performing clinical research, Stage 1 or 2, in the Sub-continent region is a haven for pharmaceutical companies around the world.

    We believe that CRO’s like Immaj and other prominent ones have also participated in paved the way for further regulation for the betterment of society and part of our CSR, albeit the cost factor still calls for attention with attraction for pharmaceutical companies around the world.

    Immaj first embarked on a clinical research while partnering with principles from India and US regarding advanced medical equipment meant to revolutionize a certain procedure for a serious disease.

    Since then, Immaj has begun working as a CRO for medicinal and equipment clinical research for large pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment companies around the globe. With complete due diligence and under NDA, our team at Immaj can discuss and propose suitable propositions whilst also satisfying our principles for successful completion of tasks.

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    Advanced Medical Research

    Immaj Holdings has recently partnered with Xceed Clinical CA in order to work for advanced Medical Research in the field of Genomics leading to personalized medicine. Medical Science has been on a revolutionary trend for many years and with advanced research in the field of Genomics, there is popular suggestion that the world of science and medicine will be totally revamped.

    Immaj is currently in the process of further partnering with other interested parties; apart from existing alliances, already invested in the same industry in order to form alliances and leap forward together as teams and benefactors