What was envisioned as a dream came to be in existence, what was thought as a milestone was made into reality

The CEO, Mr Arshed Iqbal always aspired to grow beyond the umbrella of a manufacturing business and join the ranks of ‘the business of businesses”. To grow from delivering a product to providing the desired results through his service and, the services of his company by connecting people and creating an opportunity and sourcing to achieve marketable synergies to most satisfied results amongst entities as well as individuals.

What began as a model experiment in the consumer goods business lead towards a national acquisition project, involving one of the largest units ever established in this country or region at the time.

Under the leadership of the CEO, the company then embarked on its first hospitality and urban development venture with private and government bodies. This mutually beneficial relationship with state agencies lead towards a national tourism project involving the State Heads of Pakistan where the company represented a mandate to the tune of hundreds of US$ millions of foreign investment.

The company firmly believes on evolving continuously in order to maintain its mark as a multidisciplinary firm, which specializes in, varied yet limited fields of industry. Interesting areas of the world’s market is constantly reviewed by our team of experts, providing the company more feathers to add in their cap by passing year.

Today, Immaj Holdings represents decades of experience, exposure, domain knowledge, global linkage and reliability. Immaj Holdings presents the entity as a sustainable partner, a company that has grown from the grass roots up.