Immaj Holdings is multi disciplined corporate entity comprising of manufacturing, trade, consulting and representation activities with exposure in Project Management, New Product Development, Advanced Research, international contracting, trade and investments at Middle East & South East Asian markets.

With over two decades of business history, corporate initiatives, mega project handling with an experience of group employment of over 600 in employees, staff members including financial, legal, operational, engineering and project management team headed by board of directors.

Our business lies in connecting people, creating an opportunity and sourcing to achieve harmonized synergy to most satisfied results among business entities as well as individuals

Our Psyche is born from our commitment to excellence and our promise to deliver the best possible performance-anytime, anywhere. Every communication we create, with our identity, reinforces this message

In energy sector, Immaj Holdings is the reliable partner as sourcing and investment partner in Oil, Gas and renewable energy projects trusted to deliver better results in any location to help customers improve E&P performance

Its team of business men with US & EU academia, global investment exposure, services to world decision making chairs, triangular & project management sciences with keen eye on regional threats and challenges

Like our service our dedication is synonymous with innovation and technology, domain knowledge, service quality, global linkage and investor’s confidence

Its Board of Directors constitute professionals with contributions par excellence to state governments, public sector organizations, financial institutions, large business houses, state governments and above all the company it self